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Akita-Inu Health

The links on this page will open sites describing or discussing health issues which affect the Japanese Akita-Inu, related breeds (spitz) or dogs in general. The Japanese Akita-Inu Club is not recommending or endorsing any of the sites listed, the links are to enable visitors to find sites on health issues which are known, have research being completed on them or could affect the Japanese Akita-Inu.

Please send any general health items to the Club Health Co-ordinator Kate Huggins.  Kate also has a specific email address for the Sebaceous Adenitis research project.

Sebaceous Adenitis Research Docs

1.SA - Comparison of Give a Dog a Genome and Future AHT SA research.
2 SA - Research into Sebaceous Adenitis – Update July 2017

3 SA – Latest info on SA Research March 2019 -info - numbers

JAIC General Health Survey Form - Please complete for each of your Inus

Kennel Club Health Campaign - Template to write to MP

General Health Issues

World Union of Akita Clubs (WUAC) Sebaceous Adenitis (SA) Research Project

Items from other Breeds

Autoimune Disease Research in Malmutes


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