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Here's another opportunity to help with canine health research.




I recently got an email from Dr. Wayne Potts of the University of Utah reporting that he had only gotten one response from the information that we posted to the Malamute Health web site regarding his research into hypothyroid, diabetes, and hemolytic anemia (CHF Grant #305).


He is trying to figure out how to predict which dogs may be stricken with these devastating autoimmune disorders and how we might catch it early enough to prevent the worst effects. 


Given that malamutes reportedly have a high prevalence of thyroiditis and, to a lesser extent, diabetes and hemolytic anemia, I am disappointed that more people haven't inquired about how they can help. 




If you have a dog with any of these disorders, please go to to find out how to

get involved. The research doesn't cost anything except,

perhaps, postage, and is entirely painless for your dog. 


Please help if you can.




Please cross-post this message to any canine list. The research is NOT limited to northern breeds -- ALL breeds are welcome.





Vicki Daitch


Owner, Malamute Health Web Site


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